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khud hi To hain hum. kinaare, kaise honge kam. kinaare, hain jahaan hain hum. kinare, khud hi To hain hum. kinare.

"When the sword was thrust into the stone, the ancient king foretold that one day it would be freed again at a time where Camelot needed it most. The man who freed it would unite the land of Albion and rule over the greatest kingdom the world has ever known."

crushing on straight girls is the worssssssst. 

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quidditch32 asked: "Are there any books on Duryodhan?You know like the other side of the story,how it was being the Kauravas and misunderstood by the world?Can I believe that somewhere buried deep in his heart,a place he himself wasn't aware of,he loved the Pandavas or would have had it not been for Shakuni?"


OMG I THINK THERE ARE! Though I’ve not read/bought/looked into many, but in my surfing the ocean of resources, I came across a few mentions indeed.

  • Duryodhan by Kaka Vidhate (review here)
  • Mahabharat Ki Ek Saanjh by B. B. Aggarwal

These two are most mentioned. This should get you started, though I cannot say much about the accuracy of either of the two (having not read them). I think there’re others out there too, but research.

You can read this article here too.

Also, if you want to talk about Duryodhan’s perspective, phandomoftheowl is the person here I’d point you to.

I hope that was helpful!

There is also Ajaya by Anand Neelakantan. I have not read it, mostly because I can’t find it anywhere online, but goodreads tells me it is a nice book. 

aai aai yaa karoon main kya sukoo sukoo

ho gaya dil mera sukoo sukoo

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you know how they say you should put the name of the person of you love and then have them find it when you put mehndi on?

i always put my name.

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I placed my packet of ground beef on the check out belt and desi auntie behind me gave me the judgiest look. Sorry, auntieji. My amreekan friends have corrupted me.

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